Tell Your Valentine You Love Her – with Vintage Hearts and Jewelry

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Cupid is just around the corner, waiting to sneak up on poor, unsuspecting fellows. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending and gift giving holiday after Christmas.

Valentine Cards, Trinkets, Coffee Mugs, Candy Jars, Chick Salts, Paperweights

Valentine Cards, Trinkets, Coffee Mugs, Chick Salts, Candy Jars, Paperweights

How did Valentine’s Day become a day of Love? February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and comes from vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

History says Saint Valentine was probably one of three possible Catholic Saints, all of whom were martyred. According to one legend, probably around 270 A.D., an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl, possibly his jailor’s daughter, who visited him during his imprisonment. Before his death, it is asserted that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.

Another theory is that around the 5th century, the Christian church may have decided to place the St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, by then a fertility festival. It was celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15.

During the Middle Ages, in France and England, it was also commonly believed that February 14 was the beginning of bird mating season, which added to the idea that Valentine’s Day was a day for romance.

Thus, the idea of giving Valentine Cards and Gifts or Jewelry to loved ones continues today. It’s a very special opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you.



Light Up Your Life with a Vintage Pendant in Your Cozy Corner Nook

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Do you have a special little corner of a room where you curl up with a book, or enjoy doing hand craft work like knitting, crocheting, embroidery or needlepoint?


When space is limited, or your end table is too small, hanging lights serve a very useful purpose along with enhancing décor.

Over the decades, hanging pendant lighting has come in many styles, shapes, materials and colors. Vintage recycled light fixtures can be found and used to enhance just about any decorating scheme.

Some examples shown above are made in The Mediterranean and Tiffany Lamp Styles.

The larger light fixture has a Mid Century Mediterranean style shade holder and holds an exquisite satin white Vianne glass shade decorated with white enameling and gold gilt. It would fit into a house built in the 1970s beautifully.

The two Tiffany style lights are done in Flower Petal shape with Amber and Yellow Slag glass shade and done with a Pink and white Slag glass shade. They would both be really cool in just the right setting.

It’s fun to keep these beautiful things out of our landfills and decorate in an earth friendly manner, using a broad variety of vintage lighting. Why not try one to enhance your decor?


Elegant Holiday Lighting – White Cut to Clear Art Glass Light Shades

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With the holidays fast approaching, we have been watching for some elegant décor for those very special parties. What could be more fitting than Slovenia Hand Blown Ruffled Bell light shades done in Cased White over Clear glass, with a beautiful drape design? The cutting technique through one layer of glass, to show through a clear layer is called “Cut to Clear”.

Elegant White Hand Blown Cut to Clear Art Glass Light Shade

Elegant White Hand Blown Cut to Clear Art Glass Light Shade


These exquisite snowy white shades are made in the “Neckless” version. The shade slips over a threaded light socket, then a ring screws onto the threaded socket, to hold the shade snuggly in place on the light fixture.

If you have threaded sockets in your light fixtures, these fabulous shades would dress up a Chandelier, the Wall Sconce lights in the guest bath, hallway or entryway, or even the Ceiling fan in your family room or party space.

Get a head start and add beauty to your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.



Beautiful 1920s 1930s Floral Light Shade of Blue Iris Wonderful Décor

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On a recent area shopping trip, we found this lovely Old Classic Schoolhouse shaped light shade. My first thoughts were of a elegant ceiling light fixture holding this beauty and adorning a room with pink or blue décor.

Blue Iris Antique Light Shade

Blue Iris Antique Light Shade


I estimate it’s age at nearly 100 years, dating it to the late 1920s to early 1930s, making it near antique. It is a nice Lighting Replacement Lampshade for use in any Antique, Vintage or Contemporary Wall Sconce, Flush Mount or Semi-Drop Ceiling Fixture, Ceiling Fan Light, Pendant, Hanging Swag Lamp.

It would be a great Light Cover for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway or inside Porch.

Probably American made in U.S.A. of Blown Opal White Milk Glass, with matte painted ivory background, trimmed with Pink and Black, decal decorated with Floral Sprays of Blue Iris and little Pink Flowers. It has a 4″ fitter lip, and is held in place in a light fixture by 3 set screws (not included).

Just imagine the decorating possibilities of this Lamp Shade, It is such a beauty!

How to Measure Student, Gone with the Wind, Hurricane, Fixture, Ball, and Globe Shades.



Holophane Pendant Lights and Shades Make Fine Task Lighting Home Decor

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On recent shopping trip Richard discovered some Mid Twentieth Century Industrial Style LampShades or Light Covers for use in Antique, Vintage or Contemporary Electric Hanging Pendant Light Fixtures.

Holophane originally made Task Lighting for Commercial Buildings, Retail Stores, Offices, Schools, Restaurants as far back as the 1890s. It was made in a variety of sizes and styles. Some types are still being made today.

Industrial Style Holophane Pendant Light Shade Endural No 6625

Industrial Style Holophane Endural No 6625 Prismatic Pendant Light Shade

This type of light fixture is super for Kitchen Islands or over Tables, Craft Work or Laundry Areas, Game Rooms and Pool Tables, Lofts, Entryways, Lobbies or Garage Work Shops.

The shade pictured above is marked Holophane Endural No 6625 on rim. It is a Pressed Molded Clear glass lightshade, in a Prismatic design with crisp exterior vertical ribs and soft horizontal optic interior rings which create a beautiful glow when illuminated. It is heavy glass with finished rims.

The shade pictured above is a large, 14 inch wide shade and has no fitter lip, therefore it must be held in place inside a metal harness which attaches to a Holophane light fixture like some of the tiny inset photos shown. If you are lucky enough to have an old 1920s to 1950s or later fixture, this shade is a marvelous lighting replacement.

I would love to have one of these hanging over my work area.


Independence Day – July 4th – A Reminder of our Fight for Freedom over Tyranny

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Independence Day is an important celebration in the United States. It is a reminder that people came to America, a wilderness land, to escape religious persecution and a general tyranny of control over their lives. They came from Europe, and started a new life where they could live free to worship their God as they saw fit, and to be able to keep the fruits of their labor, without unreasonable taxation.

Fenton 4th of July Pony Figurine

Fenton Independence Day Pony Figurine


As time went on, the King decided he would add duties or taxes to products imported from Europe and other countries. This triggered a protest called the Boston Tea Party, where Tea on ships in the Boston Harbor was dumped into the sea.

In order to get out from under taxation and control from England, the colonists wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, resulting in the Revolutionary War and our Freedom and Independence from England. This is what we celebrate on the 4th of July. It isn’t just a long for parties, camping, boating etc.

Red, White and Blue are the symbolic colors of our country, as used in our flag. Objects made in those colors are reminders of patriotism, and can be enjoyed year round.

A collection of Patriotic Symbols would make a beautiful collection for the entire family.


Memorial Day – a Patriotic US Holiday – Loyalty & Support of Country

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Memorial Day, Monday May 27, 2013 is a very special National Holiday meant to remind us of the sacrifices of all the Men and Women who have served in the United States Military, and the many who Sacrificed their Lives so that we could be free.

Free to live and work where we choose, speak our mind freely, and be safe in this exceptional Country, the United States of America.

Patriotic Red White and Blue Hen on a Nest with Stars

Patriotic Red White and Blue Hen on a Nest with Stars


Patriotism is an important part of our Freedom. Surround your children with reminders of those sacrifices and methods of respect. The photo above is just an example of how that can be done with Patriotic symbols in Red, White, and Blue on all sorts of objects.

Use them to decorate for Memorial Day Cook Outs, Picnics, and Barbecues.

Inspire Pride in your country. Turn that family get-together into an Honorable affair.

This is a time to teach our children about the sacrifices of all the military men and women who have served our country. Show them how to show our gratitude by Honoring our Veterans and the Soldiers who paid the ultimate price of their life. And how we should also honor their bereaved families, orphans and widows by visiting Cemeteries and Memorials to adorn the graves of those soldiers with flags and flowers.

We should also be honoring our Veterans with a Handshake, a word of Thanks, Cards and Letters. Teach your children to extend a helping hand to the wounded disabled veterans and their families, in any way they can.

To show our support, we can fly the American Flag at half-mast until noon, attend a Military Service at our local cemetery, Keep silence for a minute during the National Moment of Remembrance and learn to understand the meaning behind holding your hand over your heart during the National Anthem and the meaning behind Taps as they are played.

Let’s put Pride of Country back into our Culture.


Go Green on Earth Day – Recycle a Pre-Owned Lamp or Light Shade

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Today is Earth Day, a day of awareness for creating a eco-friendly, healthier environment for future generations.

Danish Modern Tulip Tension Pole Lamp

My Dad's Danish Modern Tulip Tension Pole Lamp

Recycling pre-owned lighting keeps it out of the land fills. It also enhances the beauty of your home. It instills a sense of value to the history of past generations, their interior design and decorating. It’s a great method for teaching your family to appreciate Antiques or Family Heirlooms, various Art Work, and Trade Skills.

With just a bit of searching in local area shops, or on the internet for “Antique Lamp Shade”, “Vintage Lamp Shade” or “Collectible lamp shade”, you can discover great shapes, styles, materials, and colors. Earth colors are very popular right now, greening your home in shades of ivory, tan, browns, golds, greens, blues will enhance your decor.

A search for a specific Style, such as Danish Modern, Mid Century Modern, Victorian, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s etc will show you an endless array of terrific used, stylish lighting for all types of decor.

Even using a new lamp with a old shade, or vice versa will benefit Mother Earth, and keep nice old pieces out of the trash and add some stylish history to your life.

Here’s a few ideas:

If you are into Danish Modern like I am, you probably like Floor or Tension Pole Lamps, or Hanging Swag Lamps, and you will want to hunt for Threaded shades to screw into those light fixtures. My Dad’s gorgeous Danish Modern tension pole lamp with Tulip Blossom Shades and Teak Wood leaves graces our bedroom. The green shade is cracked, so if something should happen to it, I could quickly change the entire look with white or orange shades. Threaded shades were made in a number of shapes and colors and with some searching, they can be found.

I also love these Art Deco Style Shades made of Clear Glass, partially painted white, with their geometric designs. They are great for vintage bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

Or maybe you love the old Colonial Kerosene Oil Style Student Desk or Table Lamps. My Mother broke the shade on hers several years back, and quite by accident we found another just like it, probably made during the 1970s. There are so many of these lovely lamps that have been knocked over and had their shades broken. The lamps are still beautiful and in working order, but no longer have a shade. You can find lots lamps without shades and plenty of both new replacements and old original shades.

Spend Earth Day and Every Day watching for interesting, useful and eye pleasing items of all types that you can recycle. Help keep usable things out of the landfills and turn them into treasures.

You may find the following Lighting Replacement HOW TO Articles helpful:


Easter Baskets, Eggs, Rabbits, Bunnies, and Chicks – Remember Jesus

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Easter is another of those fun times for children. Over the last 20 years, I’ve watched Richard’s side of the family do something different than my family did. After church, everyone comes for dinner and brings plastic eggs filled with goodies and little trinkets. After a marvelous dinner, the older kids go hide those eggs.

Easter Treasures - Old and New

Easter Treasures - Old and New

Finally, the little ones are turned loose with a Basket or bag to fetch the eggs “hidden” by the Easter Rabbit in the most obvious of places, so even the toddlers can find them easily. It’s great fun to watch the delight as each one is discovered on top of tree stump, in the open beside the fence, or laying on top of the root cellar door.

I have often thought this would be a fun thing to do at a Senior Citizens Assisted Living Center for the elderly. Even those is a wheelchair could enjoy hunting for Eggs, Chicks, Rabbits, or even Religious objects which they could keep treasure.

While all this activity is a special treat for youngsters, it is also important that they know the true reason for Easter. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Wishing you a joyous Easter!

Don’t miss the 10% Discount Coupon “ EASTER ” when visiting our TIAS Midwest Emporium Store.



Add Challenge to your Glass Collection with Fenton Mulberry Jacqueline

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Collecting Cranberry Glass has been one of our passions for over 20 years now. We have pieces of Italian Murano and Bohemian Czech Glass made in Europe, plus lots of American made in U.S.A. Art Glass from a variety of Glass Companies.

Fenton Mulberry Jacqueline Rose Bowl

Fenton Mulberry Jacqueline Rose Bowl Vase

We have collected and sold Pilgrim, Mosser, Indiana Glass, Tiffin, Fenton Glass, LG Wright, Stevens & Williams, Northwood, Imperial, Anchor Hocking flashed, Pyrex, Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co, US Glass, West Virginia Glass, Buckeye, American Glass Co, Fostoria, Kanawha, Rainbow, Viking, and Morgantown. I’m sure I probably missed some companies.

The other day Richard came home with a harder to find Fenton Mulberry Jacqueline Rose Bowl. The Jacqueline pattern and Color Combo called Mulberry made in the late 1980s.

This isn’t a true piece of Cranberry Glass, because it is made from several colors. It is a difficult process, with the Blue Bottom made first, with the color changing to a purple or lavender, the changing to a deep raspberry or cranberry color at the top rim. It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of glassware and looks beautiful with Cranberry Glass.

Unfortunately, we just can’t keep all this beautiful stuff, so our loss may be your gain. If you or a loved one collect Fenton Glass, you should be able to find an endless array of fabulous patterns and pieces to treasure.

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