Open Salt Cellar Pin Cushions – Nice Stocking Stuffers

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Recently a friend who goes to Craft Sales and Quilt Shows sent me these photos of a very clever craft idea.

Open Salt Cellar Pin Cushions

Open Salt Cellar Pin Cushions

She makes tiny little pin cushions with her fabric scraps, inserts them into glass, china, or metal Salt Dips, and they make darling mini pin cushions that could fit into the decor of any room.

These would be great in the laundry room, bedroom, on the bathroom vanity, etc. to hold those little pins from corsages and new clothing, which will then be handy to make a fast temporary repair to a sagging curtain, etc.

It’s a simple craft project that most needlework people could complete quickly, and make darling inexpensive All Occasion Gifts or Christmas Stocking Stuffers.

Open Salt Cellars

Open Salt Cellars

Over the years, I’ve found a number of uses for these pretty little treasures, but my favorite is to set an empty salt beside all the sinks in our home. They make an excellent little dish to hold and protect one or two rings while washing your hands, cooking or doing dishes.

Moms and Grandmas get lots of tiny gifts that their little tikes find while out playing. They will hold pretty little rocks, shells, etc. Glass salts sparkle beautifully in windows, and the kids can see their presents displayed proudly.

These little dishes also hold those tiny brass pins we all seem to need occasionally to hold a strap in place, or a blouse closed. Look around and you’ll find lots of uses for these tiny Knick Knacks, while adding some sparkle to your life.

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  1. Lisa Suttora says:

    What a creative, unique idea and an adorable product!

    Your friend could bundle a set of three together in a gift set, wrap them with a pretty ribbon and sell themed or matching sets too!

    Thanks for sharing these with us!


  2. Candy says:

    Hi Sally — thanks for showing my little pincushions. I’m having a great time with them. Feel free to send anyone my way who might want one (or two or three!!!).


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