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Brighten Your Decor with Lighting Replacement Shades

June 28th, 2011

Each home has that special place where everyone congregates, whether it be the kitchen, family or game room. That should be the best-lit place in the house!

With the current popularity of pendant lighting, and reflector floor lamps, the cone shade is a great way to reflect light to a specific spot, or just towards the ceiling to light up the whole room.

Cone Light ShadesPendant lights are a style which originated during the industrial age, used to focus a concentration of light to a work area, usually over a work bench or machine. Today they make excellent lighting over Kitchen Islands and Counters, Long Tables, Craft Work Areas, Game and Pool Tables.

A favorite style shade for pendants and floor lamps, is the Cone Shaped Shade. You will find them in an array of colors, in glass and metals. Good Quality shades were once made by The Vianne Glass Company in France. At one time they claimed to have over 4000 molds which could be used to make over 9000 shapes, in tints of 3000 colors.

Sadly, near the end of their business, they had problems due to French environment & labor laws, political issues, and strong competition around the world, which compromised their ability to produce the glass they wanted. They closed their doors the end of December, 2005.

Vianne Glass shades are becoming very difficult to find, although they are the best quality shade still available. Next best is Venice Glass, Italian shades made in Italy. They are true Art Glass Treasures.

Planning to make a few small changes in your home? By changing the color of your light shades, you can enhance your decor and change the entire mood of a room.

Shades can become the Life of the Party.

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